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Life with a Grumpy, Old Beagle

In August of 2015 I spontaneously decided that I needed to adopt an old dog immediately. My husband isn’t one to say no to rescuing dogs so he agreed without hesitation. That very same day we decided that we would go to our local humane society and adopt Jasmine, a 9-year-old beagle.

While we were at the shelter waiting to meet Jasmine, she was in her kennel tearing up a nice, fluffy bed. The adoption match volunteer discussed some health issues and some behavioral problems, but I wasn’t listening to a word because I was too busy gushing over this adorable little beagle.

Life with a Grumpy, Old Beagle

We put her in the car and she insisted on riding to her forever home on Matt’s lap while he was driving. We didn’t say no and now she thinks thats her spot when she’s in the car. Once we were home, she showed little interest in Beau and Cheyenne, our other two rescue dogs but she instantly made herself welcome to the couch and our bed. By the way, she still sleeps in our bed every night.

We quickly learned that she doesn’t like to be picked up. She doesn’t care too much for our other female dog, Cheyenne, and unfortunately they’ve had a few spats. She also bites when provoked but we have learned to pay close attention to her attitude. We have to use a spray bottle with water on her to get her to listen sometimes. She only does tricks when she feels like it. Heck, she was with us for well over a year before she rolled over and it is so obvious that she has always known how to do it!

Life with a Grumpy, Old Beagle

She’s impatient and she operates on her own terms at her own time. She won’t even think of lounging on any of the many dog beds in the home, it’s the couch or our bed. This beagle is an expert at making room for herself. She also has perfected the resting b*tch face. She will glare at you if she is not getting her way. Oh, she also shows her teeth and growls. Admittedly, it is pretty funny but if we don’t back off she gets real snappy, real quick.

Life with a Grumpy, Old Beagle

She doesn’t like kids. She has accidents (on purpose) in the house. And she won’t let me shower in peace, as soon as I shut the shower door she is barking and scratching at doors. You can’t let her off of her leash because she will follow her nose and that little beagle trot can be so quick. She barks and gets so mad when we leave the house with out her, she will even let out a few cute little howls… I’m sure the neighbors wouldn’t use the word “cute” though.

Of course, she’s not 100 percent grumpy. She is definitely my little shadow and she loves to cuddle with me 24 hours a day. She also has the sweetest old lady smile, it brightens my day everyday. Her excitement when we get home always makes me smile and occasionally, she will even give me a few little kisses when I walk through the door. She’s not for everyone but she is definitely for us, I couldn’t imagine our family without her!

Life with a Grumpy, Old Beagle

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  1. Lisa Waters

    February 24th, 2017 at 5:19 pm

    Hi Natasha! Loved your story about Jasmine! I, too, have rescue dogs, four of them. Looking forward to more of your stories. 🐶🐶🐶🐶. Lisa

  2. Natasha Kingsbury

    February 26th, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    Thanks Lisa! I just love rescue dogs, they will always have the biggest part of my heart! 🙂

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