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Coffee Date | June 2017

Oh snap! The time has come to say goodbye to June, I can’t be too mad about it though, it’s brought me some pretty good times. And I’m ready to see where the rest of the summer takes me.

Speaking of going places this summer, did y’all catch my summer 2017 adventure list?!? If you’re a little curious about where I’ll be adventuring this summer make sure you check it out HERE! Spoiler alert: the list is 95% Colorado Adventures.

Remember: You Don’t have to go far to get away! ← Definitely my summer motto!

Alright, let’s get to it friends. You know the drill, grab yourself a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or whatever your beverage of choice might be, kick up those feet, and lets get started!

June 2017 - Coffee Date - NatashaKingsbury.com

Here’s what I’ve been loving so far in summer 2017 ↓↓↓

  • Listening → I’m anxiously awaiting a new album from Of Monsters and Men… I seriously just love every one of their songs. I’ve been listening to all of it non-stop.

  • Wearing → My hiking boots. Yup, bring on the awkward tan lines. I finally gave in and bought hiking boots after realizing my tennis shoes were becoming a hazard. Seriously, absolutely no traction. It was making it difficult to get to where I wanted to go, so I did a bunch of research and ended up with leather boots from Danner. I blistered once and after about 40 miles I felt like they were broken in enough to comfortably go on a few longer hikes.
  • Reading → Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. The movie was pretty good, but the book was so much better.
  • Loving these blogs → Hike Like a Woman, a blog about women hiking. Full of stories, tips, and more. My outdoor loving self can’t get enough. Addison’s Wonderland, this blog is full of whimsy and eclectic home decor. So much inspiration, especially for those who are tired of the neutral decor trend.
  • Watching → GAME OF THRONES! Gotta get ready for season 7! Any GOT fans out there?!
  • Craving → Fresh Lemonade from Pikes Peak Lemonade Company! If you are in Colorado Springs visiting this place is a MUST!
  • Summer hairstyle → Boxer braids.  A boxer braid is essentially a backwards french braid. I’ve been wearing two and pulling my hair back in a bun.


quick recap of June

  • I went to Maryland for a few days to celebrate my nieces first birthday. It feels like she was just born yesterday. I was so happy to see this blue-eyed beauty again. And I also got to spend some one-on-one time with both my nephews, which is always a blessing.

  • Our bathroom renovation is finally starting to make some progress. It’s been quite a process as it always is with older homes I’m sure. So far we’ve got plumbing, electric, and heating. It might not seem like much but it’s definitely progress. Next week they will start drywalling, subflooring, etc. AND hopefully before the end of July, we will have a shiny new bathroom/laundry room!
  • Our new couches from West Elm arrived! They sure are a beaut! BUT the frames are two different tones of wood. *whomp, whomp* Which is in no way what you want when you pay the big bucks for a matching loveseat and couch. West Elm has decided to replace both and we will finally have a matching set this Saturday!
  • We finally updated our mudroom (in May) and now it’s nice, bright, and welcoming when you walk through our front door. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and I will share our update soon.
  • We were supposed to take a 3 day weekend and east south to Taos, New Mexico. I was really looking forward to getting away and spending some quality time with my husband. Unfortunately sometimes life happens and our dog, Cheyenne, ended up developing pancreatitis. She was so sick, it was pretty scary. We ended up canceling our trip so we could take care of our baby. The pups always come first and Taos will always be there, so I’m not sad about it.


Well friends, that’s my June for ya. Tell me about something about yours in the comments below! ↓

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Thanks for reading, friends! Here's a little bit to help you get to know me, Natasha; the gal behind these words, better! I'm a 30 year-old living and loving life in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You'll often find me with a camera in my hand and a rescue dog (or three) by my side. And occasionally you'll also catch me in the midst of a DIY home renovation project.

My perfect day starts with being lost in the mountains with my husband and ends with cake batter ice cream and a glass of wine. If you're feeling curious and you'd like to know more, please click on my photo!

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