hi there, I'm

I'm a daydreamer & a night thinker.

Colorado is my home, my husband is my best friend, 3 rescue dogs spoil me daily with kisses & cuddles, I never leave home without my camera, and oh, I love to write!

As a photographer - I live for capturing the smallest of details, the messiest of moments, and the happiest of smiles. My goal isn't to pose the perfect family, my goal is to roll with the punches and showcase the beauty in the chaos.

As an outdoor lover - My perfect day involves fresh air, unpaved backroads, and getting dirty climbing mountains. I'm always chasing the next adventure, and I love connecting with other people who just "get it". People who feel the same peace in nature as I do... So I started a community, Women Hiking Colorado!

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can't live without:

my dogs, my husband, & my camera.

classic red


family & friends call me:

favorite nail color:


randomness -just for fun





forever wasting time:

window shopping at anthropologie

laughing at myself & my super cheesy spinach artichoke dip

pizza with green peppers & cake batter ice cream

everyday I could eat:

well known for:


randomness -just for fun





on repeat:

of monsters and men & stevie nicks

game of thrones, parks & rec, or bob's burgers

harry potter

catch me reading:

binge watching:


randomness -just for fun





married eloped:

january 2016 in the snowy mountains near breckenridge

messy braids & high-waisted levis

a cross between leslie knope & april ludgate

spirit animal:

i rock:


randomness -just for fun





met my husband:

in 2009 while deployed to iraq. we're both army veterans

cumberland, maryland

wildflowers, sunsets, autumn leaves, & ice cream shops

I'll stop a car for:

born & raised in:


randomness -just for fun





cocktail hour order:

amaretto sour or a berry mojito

mountains > beaches

a 1898 Victorian fixer-upper. it's a love/hate relationship

living in:

always choosing:


randomness -just for fun





as random as it gets:

my family was featured on 2 billboards for our local humane society


wearing heels or sky-diving

you'll never catch me:

#1 bucket list destination:


randomness -just for fun






my sweet husband

rescued in 2011

rescued in 2015

rescued in 2012

8 years old
happiest smile EVER
loves treats + squeaky toys

my best friend/biggest supporter
handsomest man
loves the Hobbit + NPR

11 years old
grumpiest beagle
loves cuddling with mom + food

6 years old
sweetest little guy in the world
loves peanut butter + walks

meet the loves of my life!

follow my furry trio on instagram @the.kingsbury.dogs

my family

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what is NatashaKingsbury.com About?

NatashaKingsbury.com is my creative outlet for all things I love and enjoy writing about! You might say I'm a little anti-niche... I tried narrowing in on one or two topics and failed miserably. You'll find it all here; my colorado adventures, hiking tips, travel escapades, healthy living journey, dog tales, home renovations, personal stories, AND so much more! 

do you currently offer photography services?

I sure do! I specialize in portrait, lifestyle, and pet photography. As of right now I am only taking clients within 2 hours of Colorado Springs. If you'd like to know more about what I offer click on the photo. I'd love to work with you!

Women Hiking Colorado is a community that encourages Colorado women to gather together and get inspired outdoors. Basically a hiking community for outdoor-loving Colorado women! Find out more by clicking on the photo! And don't forget to join the Facebook group and follow along on Instagram!

Did you design your own website? can you help me with mine?

Yes, I - technically - did design my own website! I use a hosting company that gives you the ability to essentially drag-and-drop your way to the website of your dreams. It's taken too many hours to count and a whole lotta heart and creativity to get NatashaKingsbury.com where you see it today.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have so feel free to reach out to me at Natasha@NatashaKingsbury.com. And definitely check out what                           has to offer!
And for now I'll leave you with my 3 biggest website designing tips!

Imagination is key. Get inspired and pour your heart into your design. Don't do what everybody else is doing. Don't be afraid to be unique. Imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery, so if you see something you like, don't copy it, be inspired, but MAKE IT YOURS! Once I stopped trying to be like every other beautiful blog design, I started really finding my own look and feel.

Don't be afraid to tweak things. Nothing is perfect, something can always be done differently or work a little better.  I suggest starting with a simple design, slowly add things or take things away as needed. Don't make drastic changes instantly. Build your website little-by-little with heart and soul. Change as necessary but be intentional and be aware of your brand.

Spend time on your mobile site too. I usually find new blogs via Instagram - on my phone. If I click on a website link and it leads me to something that looks a hot mess and is hard to navigate, I won't stick around for long... I'm definitely not grabbing my laptop to see if the desktop site is better.  I feel like this is true for most people, so I seriously can not stress enough how important a mobile friendly site is!




I want the full colorado experience, where's the best place to visit?

Oh gosh, there is not just ONE best place to visit. You seriously can't go wrong with visiting Colorado. My favorite spots outside of Colorado Springs are Crested Butte, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Breckenridge. Check out all of my Colorado posts by clicking on the photo. If you are visiting this lovely state and have any questions or need some suggestions, please shoot me an email at Natasha@NatashaKingsbury.com! Helping spread love and knowledge of Colorado is one of the things I do best!

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Colorado Springs Bucket List




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