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Quick Stop at Stormy Loveland Pass


My first drive through Loveland Pass was nearly 5 years ago. That drive just might have been the start my love affair with the mountains. And every time we hop in the car and take that drive the nostalgia hits me hard. A few weeks back, while searching for wildflowers in Breckenridge, we decided to […]

Wildflower Hike in Breckenridge


Hi friends, my names Natasha and I am absolutely in love with wildflowers. Especially if the wildflowers are in the mountains. Because of this little obsession of mine, I try to take a yearly trip or two into the mountains to see the wildflowers during their peak season. We missed peak season this year but […]

Centennial Trail, Woodland Park


Guysssss, I got a bike! 🙂 Bike as in bicycle, just to clarify. I’ve wanted one for awhile and my husband bought me the cutest teal bike so we could go on bike rides together. And, I love it! Last weekend we ventured to Woodland Park to take our first scenic bike ride on Centennial […]

Phantom Canyon Road


Many, many moons ago I got really into taking the scenic back roads. I mean who doesn’t love a good dirt road with epic scenery?!? #PointMade! One of our first scenic drives was Phantom Canyon Road, also known as the Gold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic Byway… well at least a portion of it. And […]

Summer 2017 Adventure List


My handsome husband and I recently sat down and put together our summer adventure list. A list that mostly includes weekend or day trips throughout the wonderful state of Colorado. Our schedules don’t allow for more than a few days here and there to get-a-way this year. But I really didn’t want that to get […]

Tunnel Drive Trail | Canon City


Canon City is a small town about 45 miles south of Colorado Springs. It’s an outdoor lovers dream and I honestly don’t make it down that way nearly enough. Winter was nearly nonexistent for us on the Front Range (Front Range = The area before the mountains but after the eastern plains of Colorado), so one […]

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I capture the messy moments & showcase the beauty in the chaos.


photography is my jam!

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