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Coffee Date | August 2017


I try not to write too much fluff on I know you guys want more than that. Better than that. But one piece of fluff I can’t seem to stop is my Coffee Date series. A series that talks about anything and everything. A series that shares what I’m thinking, doing, watching, etc. A […]

Confessions of a 30 year old | Hair Problems


Already it’s time for me to drop a bomb on y’all… I got 99 problems and my hair is at least 80 of them. Seriously, I haven’t had a haircut in about 13 months. Yup, you read that right, 13 MONTHS! It’s not that I don’t need a haircut or that I don’t think about […]

Coffee Date | June 2017


Oh snap! The time has come to say goodbye to June, I can’t be too mad about it though, it’s brought me some pretty good times. And I’m ready to see where the rest of the summer takes me. Speaking of going places this summer, did y’all catch my summer 2017 adventure list?!? If you’re […]

Coffee Date | April 2017


With only a few days left in the first real month of spring, I’m beginning to get anxious for the summer months and what they will bring. Yup, Sweet April, I’m ready to kiss you goodbye! Kissing April goodbye means welcoming May with open arms and to celebrate I’m going to chat all about April¬†and […]

Things I’ll Never do as a Blogger


Blogging is fun. Well, the way I’ve decided that I want to run my blog is fun. I can’t say this is true for everyone. Actually I know this isn’t true for everyone. If I had a dime for every time I came across a blogger burnout tweet, I’d be one rich lady running a […]

Fear of Failure


It’s easier to fail than it is to start. That, my friends, is a fact. Failure is inevitable and even the best fail sometimes. In my personal experience, success only makes an appearance after a failure or two. So why is is that the thought of failing is so scary? So scary that you can’t […]

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I capture the messy moments & showcase the beauty in the chaos.


photography is my jam!

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