life is completely chaotic & utterly beautiful.

And I believe that a good balance of chaos and beauty is what makes the ride worth while. The ride meaning both, life and photography sessions.

My photography style is a bit out of the ordinary - I'm looking for those overlooked moments, the small details, - that's my jam!  I'm not going to just throw you in front of a pretty backdrop and put you in that perfect pose. I want the REAL moments - the good stuff.

Because I know that the real moments are timeless. When you look back through your photo albums 25+ years now, the photos with the genuine and happiest of smiles - the ones captured in the middle of big ol' belly laughs - those will always be your favorites. And I want to capture those for you, I want to give you photos that give you all the warm & fuzzies.

Specializing in pet, portrait, & lifestyle photography

colorado springs, colorado


the experience

let's have an adventure.

I promise I'll do whatever it takes to make you laugh. Yup, you're going to laugh and you're going to smile. You're going to feel silly and absolutely beautiful. And I'm going to capture it all! In fact, you'll watch me climb rocks, lay on the ground, and get into all sorts of strange positions - because, ya know, whatever it takes to get the shot!

We're going to venture off the beaten path - oh, you better believe I'm going get you a jaw-dropping view. Of course that view won't hold a candle to you, you show-stopper!  Worried you won't know what to do or you'll feel super awkward?! Well please don't. I'll direct you through the whole process and my number 1 goal is to make you feel comfortable - I'm here for you and together we'll nail your photoshoot!

So wear your Sunday best, or throw on those perfectly worn-in jeans and your favorite t-shirt - And I'll do the rest! 

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you love adventure.

you want real, messy, beautiful moments.

being outside feeds your soul.


you want to give your pet their own special photoshoot.

you're looking for some show-stopping portaits.

you need some photos of you & your other half.

I'm your gal if



you're a fan of beautiful, dramatic views & the small details.

you're wayyyy overdue for some family photos.

you want photos taken within 2 hours of Colorado springs.

I'm your gal if



if you made it through this, I'm definitely your gal!

I'm your gal if


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I'm your gal if






Photography packages start at $175 - a real bang for your buck. Exact pricing depends on the number of locations you desire and how many folks are tagging along for the ride. Let's plan your adventure, pinpoint your price, & get you booked today!

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