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These terms are valid from 30 January 2017. 

 You are reading NatashaKingsbury.com at your own free will. If you do not accept these terms and conditions you should stop reading said blog immediately, please! Do not read any further! However, if you enjoy my writing and would like to read some hopefully great articles about my life and everything in-between please continue to read on! 

 I am slightly unpredictable and occasionally indecisive, I reserve the rights to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any given time and as frequently as I please. So please check back often. I also reserve the rights to delete any comments given on NatashaKingsbury.com at any give time without any notice. Offensive, vulgar, cyber-bullying and spam comments (among any other comments I feel are unsuitable) will be taken down immediately. I do encourage and enjoy positive comments, pat-on-the-back comments, comments that disagree with me in a respectful manner and critical comments intended on helping me grow. With that being said, I can not be held liable for commenters remarks. 

 All opinions given belong to me, Natasha author of NatashaKingsbury.com, unless otherwise stated. I will strive for accuracy and honesty. If an error is found please use the contact form below to get ahold of me immediately and I will change any inaccurate information ASAP. With that being said, my opinions are here to stay, they belong to me and will not be changed. 

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